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Social Responsibility


Who are Leaders
in their Communities

For Every Corporate Event
We Donate Free Entertainment
To a Charity and Families in Need

Your Event Entertainment Has The Power to Positively Impact Your World

Here's How It Works:

1) Pre-Event Planning & Promotion
Strategies from Event Industry + Community Experts

Our team of experts works with you to develop promotional materials, campaigns, and event logistics that powerfully integrate a spirit of creativity & giving back.

2) Live Event Entertainment
Inspire & Engage Attendees

Your event will feature top corporate entertainers, speakers, and programs with a passion for engaging audiences and making a difference in the lives of others.

3) Donated Program to Charity
Give the Gift of Laughter & Joy

Families and children at a hospital, school, or non-profit will be gifted a joyful experience at a time when they need it most.

4) Post-Event Stories & PR
Positive Visibility for Your Brand

Our team of storytelling, video, and PR specialists help tell the story of your event and of the donated program, creating positive visibility both for your brand and for your selected non-profit partner.

Learn how a simple model can make a big impact
for your event and for your community.

Featured Act
Playing By Air

Jump start your event with a blast of creative energy!

Featuring comedy & creativity that is perfect for general sessions, team building, award nights, galas, and after-dinner entertainment.

Trusted By Top Brands & Companies
To Inspire, Engage, and Energize Their Events

Tremendously inspiring, impressive, and amusing!

Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation

Completely surpassed our expectations.

Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Our Work

Artists And Case Studies.


Six Benefits of
Entertainment That Gives Back

Learn how we make an impact and add value for our clients, partners, and events.

Attract Attendees
Enhance Pre-Event Planning & Marketing

Incorporating creative & giving back components to your event promotion attracts attendees, interest, and tells a story that generates pre-event press.

Powerful Engagement
Connect with Attendees on a Deeper Level

Your attendees will find meaning in knowing that the entertainment they are enjoying is being gifted to families in need.

Create a WOW Factor
Inspiring & Innovative Programs that Electrify Audiences

Our artists have inspired audiences and organizations around the world, and our experience gives you the confidence to get a good night's sleep and have a successful event.

Turnkey Production Solutions
Seamless Event & CSR Integration

Our team of experts helps you develop a strong connection between your event entertainment, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and your brand/organization messaging.

Positive Brand Recognition
Create Passionate Advocates for Your Brand

People seek out products from companies that support causes they believe in, and employees want to work for innovative companies that help them to grow as leaders both in their career and in their community. Live events and experiences provide a powerful opportunity to build these connections with your brand.

Support Meaningful Causes
Be a Leader in Making a Difference

Entertainment That Gives Back helps you reach out and touch the lives of families and children who need a chance to smile and laugh together as they face difficult times in their lives.

Meet Our Team of Passionate Leaders

We thrive on big, creative ideas that make an impact.

Jacob Weiss, PhD
Creative Director

Creative Director, Jacob Weiss, PhD, believes that we can do the most good by being good at what we do, and doing what we love. With expertise that crosses industries from events & hospitality to marketing/PR to community building, he works with the corporate events, start-ups, and large organizations to transform their brands through new approaches to giving, listening, and community partnerships.

Playing By Air Entertainment
Entertainment Production

Playing By Air is our team's featured event entertainment production company that bridges corporate events and social responsibility by donating performances to local causes with each event appearance.

Creativity Moves Kids
Community Partner

Creativity Moves Kids is a national touring program providing free workshops and performances for children's hospitals, non-profits, and schools.



If you are a corporate entertainer who wants to be part of this movement of Entertainment That Gives Back, submit your materials at artists@etgb.co

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